Huckberry Opened a One-Stop Shop for All Things American-Made

For holiday shopping, or really whenever, you’ll want to bookmark this online store

October 25, 2021 11:05 am
A Smithey cast iron pan, Flint and Tinder's flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket and Kentucky 74 non-alcoholic bourbon from Spiritless
From cast-iron pans to waxed jackets to non-alcoholic bourbon.

The latest culprit of Christmas creep? Huckberry. Last week the online retailer opened up its multifaceted, continuously-updating holiday gift guide for your shopping convenience, and while we’re loath to buy any presents before Halloween, we do acknowledge that this is beyond our control: ongoing supply-chain issues mean shopping ridiculously early is, unfortunately, a must. 

Huckberry’s best gift guide, whether you’re shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah or really any occasion whether or not it’s tied into the upcoming holidays, is their American-made shop. You can think of the category, which features hundreds of items, as your one-stop shop if you want to support companies that make things right here in the good ol’ US of A. 

So what’s on offer? There are the companies you likely already know churn out their top-notch goods stateside, like Smithey’s cast-iron cookware and Leatherman’s class-leading multitools, as well as newer brands that have the Huckberry seal of approval, like non-alcoholic brand Spiritless that produces the bourbon replacement Kentucky 74 and North St. Bags that deals in handsome outdoor packs.

It does seem like they’re still fiddling with the shop though, as there are a couple products included in the category that aren’t technically made in the U.S. For one, Shinola watches, which we love, are assembled here but many parts are made elsewhere. Then there’s the case of Huckberry’s own 365 Pants, which are included even though they note they’re made in Indonesia. So, at least for the moment, make sure to double check before you buy.

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