How to Hide Weed from Your Folks at 40

Got some non-abiders visiting? Take heed.

By The Editors
November 13, 2015 9:00 am

That chill in the air, that fire in the place, that turkey will all the trimmings can only add up to one thing: it’s the holidays. Time to relax.

And nothing spells relaxation like having a little festive toke. But while our current administration may be (finally) loosening its draconian stance on prohibition, visiting parents might have rather more … Reaganomic views on ol’ Mary Jane. So to keep you in the green — albeit furtively — we have a few new products that should be on your radar.

If they’re visiting you…

The PAX 2 is our favorite vape, hands down. The new version is 25% smaller, has a simple push-button for power and they’ve replaced the retractable mouthpiece with a simple slit, making it easier to use and less prone to clogging and malfunctions. The light vapor trail is discreet. Be cautious about carrying in your chinos or suit pants — that sleek design also means it has a tendency to slide out.

If you’re visiting them…

The JUJU Joint is the way to go on the go. These disposable, finger sized e-joints come in a variety of strains (including a CMB for those who puff on purely medicinal terms) and use primo oil and CO2 for a vapor that’s harmless and practically odorless. You get about 150 pulls per unit. When you’re done, toss them in the battery recycling bin.

If you’re gonna be stuck in one place for awhile…

Edibles are the way to go for a four-hour sustained high. But you don’t want to overdo it. Dixie Elixirs makes tasty mints, chocolates and drops (great for anxiety) that are weighed out in manageable doses (5, 10 and 50mg). This is the safest way to pass through security still completely illegal outside of states that haven’t legalized.

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