The Best Looking Speakers You’ll Ever Own

Sonos via Braun via Nest, basically

By The Editors
September 22, 2015 9:00 am

You can complain that music these days is all about looks.

Today, that’s actually a good thing.

The HiddenHUB — from our friends who designed the cool, minimalist HiddenRadio speakers —  is a wireless amp that “adapts to the shape of your room.”

Sonically, that’s possible. The HUB uses a proprietary “logic board” to determine a room’s layout and adjusts sound frequencies to fit the space. It allows your tunes to fill the room and avoid dead areas, thanks to four HD drivers and a powerful neodymium subwoofer. All from a curvy figure about the size of a vinyl record.

But we’re really about the looks.

More a piece of art than a speaker, the circular HUB (which can be mounted or set on a table) can be controlled with a single fingertip, while a “SmartDial” around the device allows you to control volume and skip songs, or even manipulate LED accent lights.

There are other perks: the speaker will create its own audio streaming network if you use multiple HUBs. It works with all major music players (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, etc.). And it has 12 hours of battery time if you want to move it around.

Best of all, the HUB can detect when you’ve arrived home and queue up a song.

That’s what we call making an entrance.

The HUB is currently funded on Kickstarter. More photos below.



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