This Company Will 3D Print an Action Figure of Anybody

Are you the hero America needs?

November 22, 2016 9:00 am

A case can be made for statues, carvings on mountains in South Dakota and Ben and Jerry’s flavors, but for our money there’s no greater tribute in American society than being immortalized in action figure form.

While that’s traditionally been an honor reserved for athletes, rock stars and ninja turtles, a company called HeroMod has started using 3D printers to give the rest of us Joe Blows a chance.

To turn your likeness (or the likeness of someone else) into a crime-fighting hero, all HeroMods asks you to do is customize your armor and upload a photo. Once those two steps are completed, HeroMod will ship the figure to your door in about a month.

The company is even able to handle customization features such as a beard or glasses, and each of the figures includes a magnetic base with a transparent exterior for display purposes.

Made from multiple layers of gypsum powder that’s then sealed in superglue, a HeroMod figure can last and maintain its vibrant colors for years (if kept away from dogs and jealous coworkers).

If you’re interested, order up before December 1st and use the code XMAS10 to get 10% off.

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