They’re Speakers. They’re Headphones. They’re Going in Your Stocking.

Ready to be the most annoying guy on public transportation?

By The Editors
November 23, 2016 9:00 am

You know that guy on the subway who doesn’t have headphones or any sense of human decency, so he just broadcasts his music for everyone to hear?

Yeah, that guy can get bent.

But then he should go pick up a pair of these: Boomphones, aka stereo-quality headphones that double as portable speakers.

Hit a button and, er, boom, you can reverse the sound to either inward (headphones) or outward (speakers). The sound ranges from 20Hz-20Khz internally, and 150Hz-20kHz externally. The battery lasts for about 10 hours, and the included carrying case can further extend the speaker’s capacity.

It’s currently on Kickstarter with six days to go; they were about $20K shy of getting funded as of this posting.

Pray that it makes it.

For the sanity of all of us who ride the subway.

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