If You Order a Piano on Amazon, This Drone Can Deliver It

The Griff 800 can lift almost 2,000 pounds

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

An insane new drone from a Norwegian firm looks like a ton of fun. It can also just about lift one.

Made by Griff Aviation, the Griff 800 is capable of carrying a max payload of 1,763 pounds. It was designed for use by military, law enforcement and search-and-rescue missions. Named after the mythical griffin as well as the number of kilograms it can tote around, the drone is also available in 125 and 300 versions that can carry 275 and 660 pounds, respectively.

Griff calls its drones “UASs” (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and says they combine “the strengths of an eagle and a lion” and are “designed and built to be your vigilant eyes in the air.” Which is really just a fancy way of saying it can move so-and-so’s mother from Point A to Point B.

To schedule a demonstration or put your local piano mover out of business, contact Griff.

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