Would You Pay More for an In-Flight Drink Than Your Flight Itself?

Depending on the airline, this is not a rhetorical question

Allegiant Airlines
An Allegiant Air Airbus A319 arrives at Los Angeles International Airport.
AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

We live in a strange time for air travel, one where budget options allow frugal travelers to choose some very pared-down methods of travel and yet high-end dining and seating options are on the rise. A recent decision by Allegiant Air has managed to find a way to bridge the two, creating an in-flight drinking option for someone looking to save on travel but splurge when in the air.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the airline is now serving Johnnie Walker Blue Label on some of its flights. Buying a shot will set you back $35. A current visit to Allegiant’s website finds the airline touting $37 flights — meaning that the whisky you’re drinking on board the flight could literally cost as much as the flight itself.

Allegiant chief marketing officer Scott DeAngelo explained it to the Wall Street Journal in terms of “this whole premiumization of consumer demand going on, especially when it comes to spirits.” Analysis of Allegiant’s offerings at VinePair noted that Allegiant is selling more bottles of a more expensive champagne on board its flights; the airline has also found that there’s plenty of demand for Don Julio Reposado while flying.

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As the Wall Street Journal‘s report noted, Allegiant isn’t the only low-cost airline to expand its in-flight spirits offerings to include some higher-end options. Air travel has plenty of paradoxes about it; this is only the latest in a long line to date, with potentially many more to follow.


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