The Worst Thing About Airports, Solved

FLIO: An app that hacks your airport visit

By The Editors
September 2, 2015 9:00 am

Things to hate about airports, ranked:

3. Security lines

2. Byzantine boarding procedures

1. Wi-Fi

You can solve for the first two easy enough: use Global Entry and fly first class (or be a jackass).

As for Wi-Fi? You need to get FLIO. Stat.

FLIO is a brand new, extremely easy-to-use iOS app that directly connects you to the airport’s Wi-Fi.

No forms to fill out. No cost.

That would be enough.

But FLIO also provides exclusive airport dining and shopping discounts, arrival/departure times, transportation options from the airport and other useful tidbits (e.g., where to find charging stations and airline VIP clubs).

They even offer hacks, like how to get an Uber from Seattle’s airport (which the car company technically doesn’t serve).

FLIO’s Wi-Fi options should number up to 200 airports by late fall, along with an Android version.

Until then?

Stay grounded.

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