Surely You Best

By The Editors
June 25, 2012 9:00 am

Scouring the internet for data on which product to buy requires so much research, men often rely instead on an intuitive sense of product quality to make reliable snap decisions, e.g., “I’ll take this one here — it has more cool buttons.”

Introducing a site that’ll do the research for you, should that whole button strategy not work out:

[callout] … data-driven reviews on anything you can buy online [/callout]

Designed by the guy who created and sold Doubleclick to Google for $3.1 billion, FindTheBest culls product info across a staggering array of products —everything from cars, to tablet computers, to mountain bikes and golf courses – and delivers the results in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

It’s a snap to use: Type in any product (i.e. “digital cameras”) into the search box, or choose from a handy list, and the site instantly returns hundreds of results, filtered by attribute (price, megapixels, camera type, etc.) and ranked by a color-coded “smart rating” derived from the opinions of expert sources.

FindTheBest also offers two other info havens: FindTheData, an almanac of graphs on a dizzying variety of topics (e.g., serial killers, Florida sex offenders, salaries), and LocateGrave, which pinpoints the gravestones of nearly seven million deceased — many of whom died from spending too much time researching serial killers, Florida sex offenders, and salaries.

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