Filson Does the Impossible, Makes Real Workwear Stylish

The latest C.C.F. release runs the gamut from hoodies to insulated coveralls

Filson C.C.F. Workwear Coveralls and Hoodies
Filson's new C.C.F. workwear release includes insulated coveralls, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats and more.

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When Filson first introduced its C.C.F. line a year ago, we dubbed it the best workwear of the year. As common worksite brands are capitalizing on their newfound streetwear cred with decidedly disposable lines (like Carhartt’s Work In Progress), Filson decided to combine its wealth of outdoor-gear knowledge and aesthetic know-how to do both without sacrificing on either end. In other words, make workwear that’s also stylish.

The latest release is the epitome of that idea, with garments ranging from insulated cotton canvas duck coveralls to beefy hoodies with neon lettering. The former will suit any blustery, cold-weather work environment, the latter as a trusty base layer or when you’re tinkering around in the garage (and it wouldn’t look out of place at a Kanye release show, either).

The tans and plaids and even camouflage you’ve come to expect from the Tractor Supply Co. and Fleet Farms of the world are here, just in case you’re too far gone to break out of that color wheel. But if you’re willing to swap out Realtree for a more classic navy crewneck sweatshirt and subtle trucker hat (apparently that’s not an oxymoron) you may finally outwit the Queer Eye guys and show them that yes, you can go from the job site (or the farm or the shed in the backyard) to the brewery and look perfectly presentable.

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