Of Course You Want a Machine That Irons 12 Shirts at Once

Works better than the ol' shower trick, trust

October 9, 2017 9:00 am

Let’s be honest: ironing is a relatively quick and easy chore, but most of us just hang our dress shirts in the bathroom with the shower cranked in lieu of doing it, because frankly it’s super boring and who’s gonna notice a couple little wrinkles anyway?

We don’t hate the other option — dropping stuff at the dry cleaner’s — but we do hate paying for it.

Which brings us to what initially seems like a silly device: the Effie. If the Effie can actually do what its designers say it can — dry and press up to 12 items of clothing so that they emerge from the device wrinkle-free and ready to wear — we’d happily find a corner to stick it in.

Capable of dealing with polyester, cotton, silk and denim, the Effie doesn’t require owners to separate delicate items or colors, requires no plumbing hook-up and can even add scents to your clothes. Created by a pair of guys who hate ironing and never want do it again, the patent-pending tech in the Effie uses steam and low-temperature heating so it won’t burn your place down.

Priced around $900 and made in the UK, the Effie will be available for preorder in the coming months, although their distribution plan has yet to be finalized.

If you want one, let them know.

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