Deal: Thousands of Pocket Knives and Multi-Tools Are on Sale at BladeHQ

The online curator of all things sharp is holding a sale of epic proportions

Shop BladeHQ's massive sale on pocket knives and multi-tools
Shop BladeHQ's massive sale on pocket knives and multi-tools

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For nearly 20 years, BladeHQ has been selling pocket knives and multi-tools from hundreds of established brands. Based in Utah and Virginia, the small business prides itself on doing things differently. There’s no stuffy warehouse, no Orwellian oversight and certainly no interest in timing employees’ bathroom breaks. Instead, the cheerful staff of 90 simply do what they do best — put sharp and pointy things in your hand.

Right now, thousands of BladeHQ’s pocket knives and multi-tools are currently on sale. That includes some of our favorites like the Kershaw Copper Leek, the Gerber Pack Hatchet and Spyderco Byrd Starling, but pages upon pages of deals exist. If you’re looking for a new pocket knife or multi-tool, now is a great time to save on one that will last you a lifetime.

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