Tilt Group

By The Editors
July 24, 2012 9:00 am

Every group of friends bandies about some great group ideas — Golfing in Scotland! Gambling in Vegas! — but unless everyone ponies up the funds, you’re often left with everyday options (TV in den!).

Turn that enthusiasm into execution, with Crowdtilt.

Basically a Kickstarter amongst friends, Crowdtilt allows small groups to invite, schedule and fund an activity together with zero risk of mooching — everyone contributes a set amount, but no one’s card is charged until a pre-determined funding goal is met.

To start, sign in to the site through Facebook and post an objective — e.g., foursome at St. Andrews — including the targeted amount and a due date for collecting funds. Then invite your friends via social media and e-mail to participate.

If enough people are interested, the campaign “tilts,” i.e., your credit card is charged and the site directly deposits funds from the other participants into your account, minus a 2.5% fee (there’s no fee to post or if the campaign fails to reach its goal).

Although most Crowdtilters elect to keep their planned activities private, some recent public events include a neighborhood-organized garden party, a wedding gift and one man who wants his friends to fund his legal name change to “Awesome Danger.”

Sounds like a guy who’s spent a lot of time watching TV in his den.

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