Meet the Glorious Lovechild of an Alarm Clock and the Robot from ‘Her’

She learns your habits and wakes you up accordingly

By The Editors
November 22, 2016 9:00 am

Wouldn’t it be ironic if, while binge-watching technophobic dystopian thriller Black Mirror, your alarm clock interrupted your stream to suggest that you hit the hay, noting that the early morning rain will add 10 minutes to your commute to work?

Because that’s the sort of experience you’ll get from Bonjour, an AI alarm clock recently funded on Kickstarter. Designed by Holi, Bonjour pairs with pretty much every app out there — HUE, Nest, Spotify, etc. — and allows you to input tons of If/Then scenarios that then inform when you’ll wake up … or, at least, when you aspire to wake up.

It knows your schedule. It knows your playlists. It knows how long it takes you get to appointments given current traffic. And you just talk to it the same way characters in sci-fi movies chat with their home appliances.

There are some spots left for the $119 preorder, and they anticipate delivery around June 2017.

Wonder if their AI projected that timetable, too?

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