5 Summer Watch Straps That Won’t Give You a Case of Stinky Wrist

Hot under the cuff? Swap your leather for one of these.

June 15, 2018 9:00 am

When James Bond’s agenda for the day includes swimming into a Latin American drug compound disguised as a duck, blowing up said compound, then fighting off a thug mid-lovemaking — there’s one accessory he can’t do without: the nylon watch strap.

Chances are you won’t find yourself in the exact plot of Goldfinger this summer, but during the season that finds you hopping from beach to brewery to bed and sweating all the while, you’re gonna need a nylon band.

“Swap out my patinated leather for a piece of synthetic fabric? Are you serious?”


Wearing a leather band in sweltering temps is a classic watch-wearing blunder. The combination of heat and sweat will stretch your strap, ruin the leather and give you a vicious case of stinky wrist. Rubber can also cause the latter, while metal is certainly less up-for-anything. So while some of us must live with the burden of excessive perspiration, your ticker doesn’t have to pay the price.

Below, five summer-approved watch straps — and before you ask if it’s a NATO (or ZULU or Perlon), that’s a conversation for another time. For now, give in to the nylon.

Bond Strap (2 images)

For channeling Goldfinger-era James Bond: Geckota Nylon Watch Strap
A replica of the strap seen on Sean Connery’s Rolex Submariner in the film’s opening sequence (both here and here) that now finds itself as a piece of horological lore.  


For Made-in-the-USA utility: Worn & Wound ADPT Strap
The folks at W&W really outdid themselves with the ADPT (pronounced “adapt,” meaning “All Day, Purpose and Terrain”). It’s American-made, features a spring-bar fail-safe and comes in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm widths. If the Black colorway is too subdued, there’s also Navy, Coyote and Sage.


For worn-in-the-USA panache: DaLuca Ballistic Nylon Strap
The San Diego-based company has a wide variety of heavy-duty straps available, but this one will turn even the simplest of tickers into a statement piece.


For getting one in every color: BluShark Original Nylon Strap
An economical favorite on Amazon that spans the rainbow. Only got one watch to your name? Now, for $18 a pop, you can coordinate it with as many outfits as your closet holds.


For rocking a weave: Clockwork Synergy Perlon Strap
Still not convinced that nylon is worthy of supporting your precious timepiece? That’s where Perlon comes in — the woven detail adds a hint of gusto (and even some extra airflow).


Main image via Worn & Wound

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