7 Superior Jump Ropes for Burning Fat and Adding Muscle

From an old-school option beloved by boxers to a lightweight rope developed by a CrossFit champion

7 Superior Jump Ropes for Burning Fat and Adding Muscle

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Recently, we conferred with Michael Oladije, Jr., a former professional boxer and current owner of NYC’s Aerospace High Performance Center, on how to incorporate jump roping into our fitness routines. Oladije called jump roping “the most convenient, efficient and effective exercise in the game” before prescribing us the ultimate straightforward 30-minute workout.

Before you get cracking on his regimen, though, you’ll want to make sure you have a proper rope. Digging out your daughter’s Double Dutch set from the garage isn’t going to cut it. Instead, look to a range of elevated, non-“trick” ropes out there that are geared for breaking a serious sweat. As they vary in terms of intended skill level, fitness goals and appearance, you’ll want to consider your purchase as carefully as you might a new pair of sneakers.

Lucky for you, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting. Below, we’ve compiled seven different ropes for an assortment of jump-roping objectives. From an old-school option beloved by boxers to a lightweight rope designed by a CrossFit champion, find the right match for you.

Crossrope Slim + 1/4 LB Combo

Crossrope is a flashy pioneer in the modern jump-rope movement, and its ropes are expensive but insanely well-reviewed. (This rope, meant for beginners, maintains a 4.9 rating after 7,000 reviews.) This rope is one of Crossrope’s most affordable options; it comes in S-XL (a rare, handy way to sell ropes) and has a proprietary rope coating for long-term durability as well as a stainless steel core. It’s built for speed, so for those looking to ramp up their cardio, make moves.

EliteSRS Thick Beaded Fitness Jump Rope

Unlike PVC or cable ropes, this jump rope isn’t built for speed. Those 2-inch beads create resistance as they swipe against the ground, naturally slowing down your motion; this should help you find a decent rhythm. The beads are durable, and will handle well against concrete, while the extra long handles are clutch once your sweaty palms start to slip.

Froning SR-1F Speed Rope 2.0

Rogue is a Columbus, Ohio-based warehouse for barbells, rigs, racks and CrossFit equipment. They teamed with four-time CrossFit champ Rich Froning, Jr., to design this featherlight rope, which uses a polyurethane cable (that won’t get all coiled up in your bag like its nylon colleagues), large, grippy handles and aluminum heads. You’ll want to go fast with this one.

TRX Buddy Lee Jump Rope

Ever seen Olympic wrestler Buddy Lee use a jump rope? It’s patently ridiculous. TRX teamed up with Lee to develop this swivel-bearing, PVC rope. It only comes in one size, but it comes with a wrench for you to adjust the length.

Everlast Evergrip Weighted Jump Rope

At first glance, a pretty standard (and affordable) jump rope from a trusted boxing brand. It’s an adjustable-length, nine-foot rope with precision ball-bearing rotation that will help you pick up speed. But the unique element here are the weighted handles: each checks in at 1.5 pounds. Proper jump roping form is all about leading your rotation with low hands — that extra weight will add an upper body element to your cardio routine.

HR-2 Heavy Rope

In case weighted handles alone aren’t going to do it for you — get a weighted rope. The HR-2 comes in both 2-pound and 4-pound options, and will immediately transition your routine from cardio to muscle burn. The specs? It’s a rubber tube filled with sand. Nice and simple. Cut your normal jumping time in half and try to work a steady rhythm. If that’s too difficult, consider using it as a warm-up rope, similar to a ballplayer swinging his bat in the on-deck circle with a weighted donut.

TITLE Wooden Handle Leather Jump Rope

One of Oladije’s recommendations is a leather rope. This is the sort of rope you’d probably find in a Yonkers YMCA in 1952, but old school trainers were onto something. Similar to other weighted ropes on this list, they offer an important change of pace. Jumping rope demands constant concentration, and any rope that feels a little different will shift your expectations and force your brain and body to work a little harder. Plus, the thing just looks awesome.

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