An Inflatable Yurt to Keep Other Campers Guessing

Lotus Belle wants you to glamp anywhere, anytime

July 28, 2017 9:00 am

Glamping is meant to bring a little comfort to an otherwise rustic endeavor.

But unless you travel with roustabouts, pitching that 100 pound canvas tent is a herculean endeavor.

Lotus Belle, which makes those big and luxurious yurts, knows this and decided to make something a bit easier to manage.

Their Air Beam Bud is 40 pounds and takes minutes to set up. How? It’s inflatable. You read that correctly: you erect this 10 foot by 10 foot camping palace by staking it and using a bicycle pump to raise the roof. There are no poles needed.

It can fit a queen size mattress, and has plenty of headroom to stand and move around. It also works as a mediation space for your backyard, and you could set up a small table for shaded workspace.  

That’s to say, there are plenty of uses for all your endeavors. 

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