Bentley Just Built the World’s Prettiest Tackle Box. It Comes With an SUV.

A reel two-for-one deal

July 19, 2016 9:00 am

Give a man a fishing kit and he can eat for a day.

Give a man Bentley’s new fishing kit (yes, that Bentley) and he can eat for a lifetime — and look good doing it.

Designed by Bentley’s Mulliner coachbuilding division to fit snugly into the rear of the automaker’s new Bentayga SUV, the handcrafted angling rig has enough room for four rods, two landing nets and a tackle box loaded with reels, tools, hooks and feathers, as well as a separate waterproof trunk for waders and boots.

Also, since we all know what fishing is really about, the trunk kit contains a leather-lined “refreshment case” that contains a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware and has room for three metal flasks.

The tackle box, trunk and case are all finished in either saddle leather or Burr walnut, and all three of the pieces can be removed to free up extra space or be used as a seat. As a finishing touch, Mulliner’s kit includes an electronic dehumidifier to keep the trunk area dry as a bone.

Pretty much the only thing Mulliner’s piece doesn’t include is the fish, so that one’s on you, bubba.

Remember, it’s all in the wrist.

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