This Luggage Is Prettier Than Whatever’s Under Your Bed Right Now

Inspired by Morocco. Built to go anywhere.

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

From Tangier to Marrakesh, you needn’t look far to realize that color is part of the Morocco’s cultural identity.

Take, for example, the much fabled “blue city” of Chefchauoen in the Rif Mountains, which gets its name from the fact that the whole city is literally awash in the hue of blue.

And now the country’s love affair with color is being put to practical use, as the inspiration behind Away’s first capsule collection (“Morocco”), which introduces three new colors into the luggage company’s popular line of carry-on suitcases.

Away, which opened its first concept store in New York this past summer, has been shaking up the luggage game with an affordable flex-shell roll-on suitcase complete with a built-in USB charger. When it comes to carry-on luggage, it’s the best $225 you’ll ever spend.

Available now, the colors of the new line range from Medina Red to Hammam Blue and Argania Green. You’ll wanna visit Away for more details. 

And as for where to take them first, well — that destination should be self-explanatory.

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