A Bunker for Your Beer, Basically

The Fridge Freezer is a weatherproof cooler for the apocalypse

October 13, 2017 9:00 am

Up there with double-dipping, nicking food from the office fridge and the old “I don’t want fries, I’ll just have some of yours” bit, stealing unattended bevs from a cooler at a tailgate is a culinary cardinal sin.

But the world is a messed up place and it happens. For shame. 

Designed to combat that issue,  the ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer features a four-digit programmable pin lock that allows owners to electronically secure their beverages.

Freezer Fridge (2 images)

Built from stainless steel, the 63-quart Fridge Freezer was also built to solve a number of other problems that can crop up with portable refrigeration devices and has a fully weatherproof exterior that can withstand being mounted in a pickup bed or on a boat deck 365 days a year.

With heavy-duty steel hinges, tamper-proof bolts that allow permanent mounting and a spot for a padlock to boot, the Fridge Freezer is beyond secure. It’s also safe for your fingers as the lid has a gas-assisted spring system which means no hands are required to keep the top popped.

All those specs come at a cost ($1,290), but can you really put a price on your beer — or your grub’s — safety?

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