Anker’s New Laptop Charger Is the Size of a Golf Ball

On sale for the first time, it’ll quick-charge your devices

Anker PowerPort

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We have two paradoxical asks from our personal tech: make everything smaller, but make everything more powerful.

Your laptop charger fails here. That thing is and has always been a brick.

Until now, and that’s thanks to Anker and advent of USB-C. Together, they’ve created a powerful, fast laptop charger that’s the size of your everyday phone charger. And they just put it on sale.

Quick refresher: USB-C is your connector of the now and future. It has no up or down orientation, both ends are the same, it sends data and power streams simultaneously and pretty much every major tech company is on board. It’s basically faster, more powerful and easier to use than the cords you have. And there’s only major semi-holdout (Apple, which still requires a separate USB-C to Lightning cable for your later model iPhones, though you’re good on later model MacBooks). A good explainer on USB-C is here.

Still, USB-C is now the go-to choice for laptops and non-Apple phones, so being able to pocket a USB-C charger that’s the size of a golf ball should be considered a breakthrough. Besides its diminutive size, Anker’s 30W Ultra Compact PowerPort Atom PD 1 nets you high-seed charging to all your devices; it’s actually 2.5x faster than the charger that comes with your iPhone (but again, you’ll need a separate USB-C to Lightning cable).

And speaking of pockets, you’ll be saving some pocket money here. For the first time, the PowerPort Atom PD 1 is on sale, now at just a bit over 25 bucks (a 27% savings). The deal ends April 29th.

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