Amazon Just Rolled Out 2-Minute Deliveries in 5 US Cities

“I need a Coke.” Bam! Done.

August 17, 2017 9:00 am

You can complain all you want about “kids these days” and their need for instant gratification.

Or do what Amazon is doing: Cater to their every need as fast as possible.

New for Prime members, Instant Pickup provides delivery of impulse-buy items in around two minutes. This joins previous same-day delivery programs from the company like Prime Now and AmazonFresh Pickup, albeit in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it timeframe.

A quick overview:

How it works: Available through the Amazon app, items are delivered to nearby Amazon lockers within minutes, secured with unique buyer codes.

What you can get: Snacks, drinks, phone chargers … possibly for cheaper than regular Amazon prices.

Where it’s available: To start, Berkeley, Columbus, Westwood (Los Angeles), Tech Square (Atlanta) and College Park (Maryland).

Who it’s targeting: Initially, students and people who live near college campuses who really need a Coke or a smartphone charger, like, right now. So … every single college student, basically.

Why: With the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon could eventually expand this pickup option to more physical locations and offer more items.

Who it’ll hurt: Campus stores and local shops, for now. Maybe services like Instacart if the Whole Foods option takes off.

Is this necessary? Again, you’ll probably complain until you try it … and then never wanna live without it again.

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