Self-Starting Security Drone Is Your Own Personal Big Brother

What is this, 1984, in a good way?

September 19, 2017 9:00 am

What do you get when you combine drones, A.I. and home security?

Probably Skynet. But for now, it’s Aire, a flying security robot that promises to guard your house with all of the best/worst of today’s cutting-edge technology.

The flying device, now available for pre-order, takes 360-degree panoramic photos, records 4K video and can live stream video. You can control it with voice-prompted commands and a smartphone app — it even integrates with Alexa.

Aire (3 images)

So, if you receive an “anomaly” alert (loud noises, unexpected motion), you can launch Aire to inspect, even if you’re not home.  The unit’s four sonar sensors and a 3D depth camera will help it avoid obstacles as it zips around — it’s using the same “inside out tracking” tech that self-driving cars use to self-navigate.

While not really aerodynamic, the Sonos-speaker-with-a-tube design is pretty quiet — the propellers are concealed in a ducted fan.

While it might not scare intruders, the drone has other uses. Using Alexa prompts, you could simply ask “Did I leave the stove on?” and Aire would fly to the kitchen and check it out. Or you could teach it to conduct regular security patrols.

Flight time is eight minutes, and the unit recharges on self-docking unit in 30 minutes.

Aire is available for pre-order at $749 (about 50% off), with expected delivery in December 2018. The usual Kickstarter caveats apply.

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