Every Patio Could Use a Restaurant-Grade Pizza Oven

Want to make pizza literally anywhere in 90 seconds?

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

If you can man a grill and make a great pizza, this world is going to embrace you.

And if you can do both of those things at the same time? The sky is the limit, mio amico.

Enter the portable Uuni Pro, the latest in a line of highly successful portable pizza ovens from Edinburgh-based Uuni. Capable of turning wood, charcoal, wood pellets and gas into fuel (courtesy of an optional add-on), the Uuni Pro has a colossal 17.7” by 17.7″ cooking surface that can heat up to 900 degrees in just 15 minutes and cook a pie in only 90 seconds once it’s piping hot.

Weighing in at about 60 pounds, the stainless steel oven’s door is removable, so owners can load in larger items like hunks of meat, bread or trays of veggies (boring).

Uuni Pizza Oven (3 images)

“The beauty of Uuni Pro is that it’s still transportable and that the multi-fuel capabilities truly mean it’s the most versatile oven out there,” says Uuni founder Kristian Tapaninaho. “We’re proud to be further transforming the outdoor cooking landscape.”

Regularly priced at $649, the Uuni Pro is funding on Indiegogo for $499 and will ship in July.

Try not to burn the roof of your mouth once it arrives.


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