The 10 Best Airbnbs for Craft Beer Lovers

Leave the car keys in your room. You won't be needing them.

August 13, 2018 9:00 am

Remember when you could actually crash on a floor for the night?

It was probably one of those lakehouse vacations, where the beer was ample and beds were scarce; you’d wake up with a sore back, head pounding like a drum … then do it all over again.

Times have changed, friend. Beer is too good now to end the night with most of it on your shirt. And a good night’s sleep, it turns out, goes a long way — especially on vacation.

That’s why your next drinking trip, whether with the guys or your better half, should be down the street from a beloved taproom, in an Airbnb you’d score a “5” the second you pull into the driveway.

Whether you’re squatting for hours at the taprooms down the street or just stopping by to ferry a few six-packs home, these homes have the string-lit decks, backyard pools, industrial kitchens and king-size beds to make sure you’re doing right by the beer … and that aging back of yours. 

Below, our top 10 Airbnbs for sipping craft beer.

bend (4 images)

The North House
Bend, Oregon
Brewery down the block:
 The Ale Apothecary (1.9 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Sahati; fermented ale brewed in spruce, 9-10%

stowe (4 images)

The Canopy House
Stowe, Vermont
Brewery down the block: The Alchemist (4.5 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Heady Topper; buoyant American Double IPA, 8.0%

soma (4 images)

The SoMa Loft
San Francisco, California
Brewery down the block: 21st Amendment Brewery (0.4 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Back in Black; IPA with dark malts, 6.8%

austin (4 images)

The Mountain Modern
Austin, Texas
Brewery down the block: The ABGB (1.3 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: YSB #8 Violet; Blueberry sour, with Texas blueberries, 3.9%

bkn (4 images)

The Williamsburg House
Brooklyn, New York
Brewery down the block: Other Half Brewing Co. (6.6 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Possibly of Interest; German pilsner with Hersbrucker hops, 4.8%

maine (4 images)

The Summer House
Freeport, Maine
Brewery down the block: Maine Beer Company (5.7 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Thank You 2018 IPA; citrus, tropical fruits and mixed berries, 7.0%

marcos (4 images)

The Modern Ranch
San Marcos, CA
Brewery down the block:
 The Lost Abbey (8.0 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Ex Cathedra; orange peel, ginger, cinammon, Madagascar vanilla beans, raisins, 13.8%

chi (4 images)

The Sunporch House 
Chicago, IL
Brewery down the block: Begyle Brewing Company (1.3 mi) 
Don’t leave without trying: Begyle Imperial Pajamas Coffee Stout; chocolate, coffee, roasted malt, cheeries, 9.8%

(4 images)

The Pearl Street House
Boulder, CO
Brewery down the block: Sanitas Brewing Co. (2.2 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Sanitas Grapefruit Smuggler IPA; fruity sour with grapefruit, 5.5% 

seattle (4 images)

The Northwest House
Seattle, WA
Brewery down the block: Cloudburst Brewery (1.9 mi) 
Don’t leave without trying: Good For You; Nitro dry-Irish stout, 5.9%

All images from Airbnb


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