Pick Up This 7-Piece Cast Iron Set for the Price of One Dutch Oven

Take 77% off this Sur La Table collection, and other deals

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We’ve extolled the virtues of Dutch ovens before, those chameleons of cookware that can sear on the stovetop, cook in the oven then go straight to the table as a picture-perfect centerpiece.

At least, that’s the case with Staub and Le Creuset whose enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are renowned for both their utility and candied colorways that look fresh out of the Pimp My Ride garage. But we’ve also mentioned the less than appealing price point (a 2 qt. Le Creuset retails for $210).

Right now, that’s all out the window at Sur La Table’s massive cookware sale, offering up to 65% off Dutch ovens, nonstick pans and a variety of handsome kitchen sets.

Far and away the standout is a seven-piece enameled cast iron set from Sur La Table’s in-house brand priced at a ridiculously low $200 (that’s 77% off, which we realize is below the max of 65% off they’re promoting for the sale, but we’re not complaining). It’s also $10 less than the 2 qt. Le Creuset alone. The set comes in red or blue, and contains a 10-inch skillet and three Dutch ovens with lids in 5.5 qt. 2.5 qt. and 1.5 qt. sizes.

BUY NOW: $200

We haven’t personally cooked with the Sur La Table brand, so if you’re more comfortable with name brands, they’re also offering great deals on the mainstays. Le Creuset’s 5.25 qt. is down to $200 from $325 and the 2.75 qt. is down to $130 from $250. And if cast iron isn’t a make or break for you, All-Clad’s significantly lighter 6.5 qt. cast aluminum Dutch oven is down to $100 from $220.


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