Review: Proclamation Goods Claims These Two Pans Can Replace All Your Kitchenware

We tested them out in our NYC apartment to see if they were really up to the task.

November 11, 2020 11:22 am
Proclamation Goods
The Duo from Proclamation Goods offers up a dozen different ways to cook
Proclamation Goods

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If you can live without non-stick in your kitchen, you probably should. 

These types of pots and pans can leave unhealthy residue and toxins while the “non-stick” attributes fade over time. They’re also not environmentally friendly. 

Hoping to solve this issue while minimizing your kitchen clutter is Proclamation Goods, a direct-to-consumer cookware brand with exactly one product: The Proclamation Duo, a three-piece set (two pans, one lid) that promises a “dozen cooking methods and zero clutter.”

Those cooking methods include sauteing, searing, roasting, stir-fry, boiling, deep frying, baking, sous vide and pretty much anything you can think of. Yes, your holiday turkey will fit in there.

At launch, the Duo set includes a 7 qt. Hybrid Pot, 12” Sidekick Skillet and a lid that matches both. You can use either pan alone or hinge them together as a Dutch oven (the pieces also nest for easy storage). 

There are two variations available: A carbon steel set that’s akin to cast iron and more suited for high-heat cooking. As well, there’s also a lightweight stainless steel Duo that works both on or in the stove, though at lower temperatures  — both can go into the dishwasher.

We tested out the stainless steel version over two weeks, cooking the majority of our meals with both pans.

Proclamation Goods
Proclamation Goods

The attributes:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 30-day trial 

What works:

  • The surface area here made it easy to cook entire meals with just one pan — and it was deep enough that I never worried about splatter or overflow.
  • The long handle meant I also rarely worried about grabbing the dish without a pot holder (unless it was in the oven)
  • Nothing burned — this was some of the most “even” cooking I’ve ever done, whether I was making pancakes, a stir fry or chili.
  • The slope of the sides made it easy to work with spatulas and other kitchen accessories; I was also able to pour liquids from the pot easily.

What kind of works:

  • For calling itself “space spacing cookware,” this is a big setup. The pans do not fit in my sink, dishwasher or in my cabinets (it did fit my oven, but it wouldn’t have fit some other NYC apartment stoves I’ve had in the past). I don’t even know if the concept exists, but if it was possible to have a handle that folded up, it would make cleaning and storing the cookware much easier. I ended up placing the Duo above my cabinets when not in use; the company suggests just keeping the cookware on your stove.
  • Fitting the two pans on top of each other — for your makeshift Dutch Oven — didn’t feel as tight as I’d expected (they’re resting, not “snapping” into place and it’s not quite as “closed” as a lid would feel). That said, they are shaped to rest together and they did as advertised, if a little looser than I thought. 
Proclamation Goods
Proclamation Goods

What needs work: Cleaning this is a task. If you have a dishwasher and don’t mind some permanent marks (aka a patina), you’re fine … as long as you realize nothing else is going to fit in said dishwasher. If you like your dishes without scuffs, however, you’re gonna have to put in a fair amount of elbow grease and use a product like Barkeeper’s Friend. 

Good to know: For the stainless steel pan, you’ll want to keep the temperature low to start and slowly heat up oils. Basically, don’t go above a “medium heat” or you’ll get some permanent marks.

Recommendation:  While the Duo did actually replace all my pots and pans for two weeks — and delivered on everything I cooked, human error aside — I did long for some smaller fry pans at times. Keep this in your arsenal if you have room; the versatility and evenness of the heat is great, but you’ll want more compact, easier-to-maintain cookware options from time to time.


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