Here’s the Oven Pizza Hut Probably Doesn’t Want You to See

It's not delivery. It's also not DiGiorno.

January 20, 2017 9:00 am

Forget fondue parties. This is 2016. You’re throwing a pizza party. A mini pizza party. 

With the Pizzarette — a kitschy little oven that can sit on a countertop or table — you and five others can watch personal pan pizzas cook right in front of you and eat it, too.

Billed as the “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven,” the Pizzarette’s terra cotta dome covers a pair of circular electric heating elements that are connected to a cooking sheet with enough space for six miniatures pizzas to bake at a time. Pies can be put in and taken out of the oven with the included baking paddles and it takes about 12 minutes to cook a pizza (including preheating).

Dome Pizza Oven (3 images)

The oven does look a little goofy and something was definitely lost in translation with Food & Fun’s — the Dutch manufacturers of the gadget —  description of the Pizzarette (“Some call it gourmet, others fondue … We call it Pizzarette”), but it’s hard to argue with the $150 pricetag.

The proof is in the pizza:


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