Stop Everything and Prostrate Yourself Before This Gullwing Bacon Grill

Anything that makes eating bacon easier is a thing we endorse

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Look: no one needs a contraption that makes cooking bacon more efficient. If you’ve got a skillet (like this one) and a shirt, you’ve got the means to make bacon.

But sometimes — when you’re tremendously hungover, say — even that feels too much effort.

For those occasions, there’s now  a thing called the Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill, a device so nice they put bacon in the name twice. Capable of cooking six strips of standard or thick-cut bacon in minutes, the Bacon Express has a vertical design that allows grease to drain away into a tray, makes cleanup easy as pie.

Equipped with gullwing-style insulated doors, the Bacon Express has an illuminated dial timer that allows you to select your desired crispiness level and also features cool touch handles and chrome accents — so you know it’s classy. Priced starting around $40, the grill’s retro promo video should convince any fence-sitters:


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