Reinvigorate Your Home Coffee Setup During This OXO Sale

A better coffee maker and grinder, with some beans thrown in to get you started

The OXO 8-Cup Coffee Maker and OXO Conical Burr Grinder, both of which are on sale
Perk up your at-home coffee station with these two deals.

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Are you working from home or drinking the coffee you made at home out of a to-go mug and thinking to yourself, “I could do so much better than this”? If so, OXO is throwing a sale that will upgrade your entire morning coffee experience.

From now through October 2, OXO is offering $40 off its classic 8-Cup Coffee Maker and $20 off its Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, though it’s not imperative you buy them together. If you’re a champion of a certain bucket of pre-ground beans, then by all means just score the brewer. If you have an espresso machine and desperately need to upgrade from a crappy blade grinder, then scoop the burr, which will make all the difference. Plus, if you buy the latter, they’ll even throw in a free bag of beans from Trade Coffee to get you started. 

The OXO 8-Cup Coffee Maker is a particularly great buy, especially now that it’s $160 instead of $200, because of its versatility and precision. If you want to brew a full pot every day, go for it. But if you just need a full mug to take to work, you can simply flick a switch and it’ll brew a single serving. Also, the machine has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association for meeting certain home brewing standards, which may be why your current brewer isn’t performing to your liking. 

The Conical Burr Coffee Grinder churns up your beans into uniform grounds, unlike a blade grinder, which can leave you with large chunks mixed in with powder. The appliance gives you 15 different options (1 is fine for espresso, 15 is coarse for French press) and allows you to set a grind time up to 30 seconds. That’s part of the fun of a burr grinder: dialing in your grounds to the perfect size for your specific coffee maker. Once you do, it’s liquid gold in your mug from then on out.

These OXO deals only last through Sunday, so rehabilitate your morning caffeine routine for less while you can.


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