A Handsome, High-Quality Apron Is a Perfect Holiday Gift

Conveniently, Hedley & Bennett's are currently on sale

The Cobalt Blue kitchen apron from Hedley & Bennett on a tattooed man. The aprons are on sale this December 2021 and make for perfect Christmas and holiday presents.
Now that's a good-looking apron.
Hedley & Bennett

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Right now, you’re probably getting barraged with lots of anxiety-inducing holiday reminders. Order now before the shipping deadline! Buy these last-minute gifts! That sort of thing. First of all, take a deep breath because you have plenty of time (brick-and-mortar stores do exist). Second, we found the perfect one-size-fits-all gift for you: Hedley & Bennett aprons, dozens of which are currently 20% off.

Now, some of you may be thinking: aren’t aprons a little old-fashioned, a gift that says, “After you open this I expect to see you in the kitchen”? I’d argue that they’re more appropriate than ever, what with the pandemic-induced return to the joy of home cooking and baking. If you know a newly minted baker without their own apron, or a wannabe grillmaster, an amateur pickler or even a Stanley Tucci disciple, then an apron would be a thoughtful and dare I say exciting gift. Just look at Tucci cooking pasta at home, do you think he’d risk splattering red sauce on his white button-up by not wearing an apron? 

What makes Hedley & Bennett aprons specifically enticing — besides the current 20% off discount, which puts them between an agreeable $68 and $96 price range — is that form and function are equally considered. They’re not novelties and they’re certainly not boring. Developed alongside professional chefs, the aprons feature fabrics, pockets and ties designed for ease and durability. But with styles you won’t see elsewhere — like a waxed canvas camo, whimsical polka dots and plenty of fun collabs (Sesame Street is on sale, but they also recently teamed up with the Grateful Dead) — your giftee will actually look forward to donning theirs.

And when we say one-size-fits-all, we mean it figuratively and literally. One of the pitfalls of gifting is all the size guessing, but with an apron, you don’t need to make those estimates. (Though if you do want to size up, Hedley & Bennett does offer a style called the Big Apron.)

According to Hedley & Bennett, this is their last sale of the holiday season (plus, if you’re ordering gifts online you really do need to wrap that up soon). We’re not sure how long it lasts beyond today, so don’t delay. 


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