Hedley & Bennett’s Collab With Madewell Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

These aprons are the perfect gift for the chef in your life

hedley and bennett madewell aprons
Your home chef cred just went up 100%.
Hedley & Bennett

If you’re still at a loss as to what to get the gourmand in your life for the holidays, then allow Hedley & Bennett’s collaboration with Madewell to alleviate you of any gifting related stress. Consisting of three new aprons (and matching potholders!) the collection melds Madewell’s laid-back aesthetic with that of Hedley & Bennett’s highly functional, highly durable designs.

The resulting aprons lend the wearer immediate style cred, thanks to the bold design and patterns, without hindering their cooking capabilities. So go ahead and make the cook in your life feel (and look) like a true chef with one of these aprons (and accompanying potholder, of course). Besides, even if their culinary skills leave something to be desired — or are nonexistent altogether — at the very least they’ll look good while cooking.


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