Claim Two Pounds of Salmon Free from ButcherBox

The catch? You'll have to buy some delicious steak.

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Free salmon. Two words that have definitely never gotten well acquainted. 

But one of our favorite mail-order meat purveyors, ButcherBox, is now throwing in two pounds of the fish for free with your purchase of a single meal box. 

Sourced from Bristol Bay, Alaska, this stuff is the real deal. Wild, sockeye salmon. If it’s good enough for a Kodiak bear, it’s definitely good enough for you. Expect individually wrapped, 5-7-oz. portions, usually good for a $39 value. 

The catch here? You’ll have to pick up some ButcherBox meat. We recommend going with the Mixed Box. It’s good for 24 meals at $129 (that’s sub-$6 meals, folks!) and up to 11 pounds of meat; last month’s cuts included two pounds of ground beef, two New York strip steaks, four top sirloin steaks, one pound of whole pork tenderloin, and three pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast. To get free meat … you just have to buy some meat. If that’s not the dream, we don’t know what is. 



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