Chef Matty Matheson Designed a Cast Iron Pan and We’ll Take Two

The long-lasting cookware features a few key upgrades

Matty Matheson cast iron pan
The 10" Cast Iron Pan from Matheson Cookware has a few key design upgrades.
Matheson Cookware

“The DIY process is the greatest process I’ve ever been a part of.” That’s how chef Matty Matheson — who you’ve probably come across not on Food Network, but more likely YouTube, Instagram or Vice — described shooting his series “Just a Dash” to us earlier this year. Now, he’s taking the DIY ethos to another level and releasing his own cast iron pan.

The new handsome-as-hell 10” Cast Iron Pan from Matheson Cookware is a partnership between the chef and Canadian product design firm Castor Design (Matheson is from across the border as well). Anyone who cooks with cast iron on a regular basis will notice the commendable upgrades here, from the extended handle (so you don’t always need an oven mitt when cooking) to the big freaking lip for basting and otherwise cooking right in the pan (and not just searing). It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it’s a welcome improvement.

The bad news is that the first limited-production run of 500 is sold out. The good news is those pans cost $250 (because they included a signed recipe book and trivet), but the next run only costs $200 (and you probably didn’t need those add-ons anyway) and is available for preorder now for sometime in 2021. 

Want to see it in action? Here you go:


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