Deal: Build the Ultimate Home Coffee and Tea Bar With These Bodum Deals

On sale: electric kettles, personal French presses, tea pots and more

Bodum electric kettle and French press coffee maker
Bodum's Bistro electric kettle and Chambord French press are just the tip of the sale.

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Part of the reason you continue to pay $6-plus for lattes and other meticulously crafted coffee drinks even during a pandemic is the expertise, supporting local, barista camaraderie and all of that. But another big part of it is because your home coffee setup is never complete. There’s always some piece missing to get you that perfect cup of coffee (Or tea! We’re not caffeine snobs.) leading you out the door and down to the cafe.

That’s why today, you’re going to fill some of those holes at Bodum, as the Danish kitchen wizards are currently throwing a blowout sale on some of their best coffee and tea accoutrements.

As we’ve detailed at length before, the number one thing that most people are missing from their coffee and tea bar is an electric kettle, and Bodum’s top-tier Bistro model with temperature control will rectify that nicely now that it’s down from $85 to just $50. For actual coffee makers, there are a number of French presses on sale, but what you’re probably missing is something like the three-cup Chambord, which is perfect when you’re working home alone instead of pouring java for a group brunch. In the tea department, you should obviously be using loose leaf, but whether or not you’ve upgraded from tea bags the Assam tea press will be your new best friend both for hot and iced tea, especially at a measly $12.


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