Deal: Take 50% Off a Dutch Oven That’s Actually Dutch

BK Cookware introduced their model in 1891. It’s still a kitchen staple.

BK Dutch oven
The BK Dutch oven originated in the Netherlands, but uses carbon steel instead of cast iron.
Sur La Table

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We traditionally think of the Dutch oven as enameled cast iron and … not Dutch. The biggest names are French (Le Creuset and Staub) and we’ve grown fond of Lodge’s American take. But if you like your cookware literal, and 50% off, it’s time you picked up the time-honored BK Dutch Oven.

BK Cookware is an historic Netherlands company that was founded in 1851 and first added an enamel layer to steel pots in 1891, and its Dutch ovens are still a kitchen staple today. That’s right, we’re dealing with carbon steel here, not cast iron, so they’re much lighter while still withstanding all your holiday cooking needs. And right now at Sur La Table, you can pick up one of these hidden gems for just over 50% off.

We suggest the standard 5.5 quart size, which is available in cream, indigo or black, because even if you’re normally only cooking for two it’s always good to be prepared. But if you definitely want something smaller, it’s on sale in 3.5 quart and 2.5 quart sizes as well, though not for as big of a discount. 


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