Baked by Melissa’s Cupcakes Are Here To Save Your Valentine’s Day (And Your Relationship)

When all else has failed, give the gift of cupcake

a collage of different flavored mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa
Baked by Melissa

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Uh oh. You forgot, didn’t you? That’s strike three in as many months. Christmas, her birthday, and now this? Come on, dude. Perhaps it’s time to pack the bags. But wait! Baked by Melissa is here to save the day. The NYC-based baker makes some of the most delectable delicacies around — perfect for any occasion, but especially one where sweets are warranted — and, today only, is even offering 10% off their deluxe Love Gift Box, a 25-pack of mini cupcakes, with a card included, to boot.

But InsideHook, it’s too close to V-Day! But InsideHook, I live so far away! But InsideHook, what if they go stale? Not to fear: we’ll remind you that Baked by Melissa is currently offering nationwide shipping, and what’s more, you can even select your delivery date; in case that didn’t click right away, that means no stale cupcakes, just a appeased partner and a huge sense of relief. It literally could not get any easier.

And even if you aren’t in the proverbial doghouse, cupcakes are a nice change of pace from chocolate, don’t you think? Especially six different flavors — marshmallow, dark chocolate and Dulce de Leche included — of perfectly proportioned bites. Plus, you can schedule deliveries up to a year out, which means for the forward thinkers, it’s a chance to knock out next year’s present and save some cash, all in one fell swoop.

a product shot of a cookie and cream cupcake by Baked by Melissa
Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa Happy Valentines Day Card & 25-Pack Love Gift Box

Hurry over to Baked by Melissa before it’s too late. Limited same-day delivery is available for the New York City area, but this close to Valentine’s Day, every second counts. If only you had a handy gift guide or some online flower recommendations, too.


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