Deal: The All-Clad Factory Seconds Sale Is Back With Discounts Up to 78% Off

Pick up all kinds of cookware at unbeatable prices

All-Clad Copper Core, stainless steel and nonstick pots and pans on a grey background. All of them are on sale at the Home & Cook website.
All-Clad's top-of-the-line Copper Core cookware and its standard nonstick pans are on super sale.
Home & Cook

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Every once in a while a company called Home & Cook, an authorized All-Clad retailer, opens these huge factory seconds sales where you can pick up all kinds of time-tested cookware for truly insane prices, the kinds of discounts that make you wonder, is this for real? Today is one of those days.

If you’ve never shopped the All-Clad bonanza before, here’s what you need to know: you’ll need to enter your email to acknowledge that you understand the pots, pans and other cooking accoutrement are either factory seconds (with some sort of blemish that makes the cookware unable to be sold in stores) or have packaging damage (self explanatory). As stated in the sale details, neither of the conditions should affect the cooking performance, but those are the reasons you’re getting discounts up to 78% off.

There’s plenty on offer for all types of home cooks, from simple nonstick frying pans to stainless steel standbys to the coveted Copper Core line. But be aware, the best discounts tend to go quickly, and this particular sale is only open through Wednesday.


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