Deal: If You Want to Invest in All-Clad Copper Core Pans, Now’s the Time

Take over 50% off a 10-piece set of pots and pans at Williams-Sonoma for a limited time

February 16, 2022 11:42 am
A 10-piece set of All-Clad Copper Core pans which are currently over 50% off at Williams-Sonoma
Today, that All-Clad set you've been dreaming about is a lot more affordable.

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You’ve heard about them, you’ve considered them, but now’s the time to pounce: a 10-piece set of All-Clad’s renowned Copper Core cookware is currently over 50% off at Williams-Sonoma when you use code COOK at checkout.

If that sounds like a rare deal, it is, but the cookware set is still a significant investment as it’s marked down from $2,090 to $1,024 for a 10- and 12-inch fry pan, 2 qt. and 4 qt. saucepan with lids, 3 qt. sauté pan with a lid and 8 qt. stockpot with a lid. (Be aware that the extra discount only applies to the 10- and 12-inch fry set, not the 8- and 10-inch.) So even though you’re faced with a discount of over a thousand bucks, is it worth it to spend this much to overhaul your cookware? 

If it’s in your budget, the answer is certainly yes. There are a few things you need to know about All-Clad’s Copper Core design that differentiates it from the rest. First, the copper running through the middle of the pans offers faster response to changes in heat while keeping things even so there aren’t any hot spots on the surface; if you’re a novice in the kitchen, this may not be as noticeable to you, but those looking for a more professional option will relish the difference. Speaking of, the copper core here isn’t simply a copper slab slapped on the bottom, as you may find in other pans — here it runs up the entire length of the sidewalls, sandwiched between aluminum and then stainless steel on the exterior. Yes, these are top-tier five-ply pans, which contribute to that responsiveness as well as the durability. 

There’s a reason these are rated 4.5 stars in Williams-Sonoma’s ratings. One reviewer strongly recommends the set for “anyone who wants something that will last a long time.” As proof, another says she’s had her set for 17 years. And one particularly enthusiastic owner said they were “spoiled with this set!” Go ahead, spoil yourself (for less). 


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