Victoria Justice Stars in the First Trailer for Sexy New Art-World Drama “Trust”

The latest film from director Brian DeCubellis will be released on March 12

"Trust" trailer
A scene from the new film "Trust."
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There’s a long and storied history of filmmakers venturing into the art world to tell distinctive and visually striking stories of human emotions, from the comic to the tragic.

With his new film Trust, director Brian DeCubellis uses New York’s art scene as the backdrop for a thrilling, duplicitous tale of intimacy and desire. The film focuses on a couple whose idyllic marriage is tested by questions of fidelity and — as the title suggests — trust, and its ensemble cast is a who’s who of some of the brightest young faces in Hollywood.

A marriage between gallery owner Brooke (Victoria Justice) and her husband Owen (Matthew Daddario) is put to the test when temptation arrives on their respective doorsteps in the form of up-and-coming artist Ansgar (Lucien Laviscount) and Amy (Katherine McNamara).

The film’s trailer is now out, and gives viewers a sense of the personal dynamics at work within Trust, along with some striking visuals.

This isn’t director Brian DeCubellis’s first cinematic foray into the world of visual art. DeCubellis also directed a short film about Chuck Close in collaboration with RealClearLife, a former sister site to InsideHook, that won a Telly Award in 2018.

Trust is based on Kristen Lazarian’s play Push, and is scheduled for release in select theaters and on demand on March 12, 2021.

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