James Bond Will Reportedly Drive an Electric Aston Martin in the Next Film

007’s latest nemesis? Climate change.

March 15, 2019 9:00 am

Has the James Bond franchise ever been more contentious than at this moment? Idris Elba was going to be the next Bond, now he’s not. Daniel Craig said he’d rather slash his wrists, now he’s back. Danny Boyle was going to direct the next film, now he’s out. It’s going to be called Shatterhand, but that will probably change.

One thing we can depend on is that Bond will reportedly drive a new Aston Martin in the next film … an electric Aston Martin.

That’s according to an anonymous insider quoted in The Sun, a tabloid, so this could potentially fall through too. But dear Judi Dench, we hope not. Just think of the dad jokes! What’ll it sound like? A Quantum of Solace. What’s the new working title? The Spy Who Loved EVs.

“[Director Cary Joji Fukunaga] is working directly with Aston Martin to get one of their electric cars ready for its big close-up,” says the insider. “It’s going to be the center of an incredible action sequence in the movie. James Bond is known for driving amazing cars and this one won’t disappoint either.”

One problem? Aston Martin doesn’t have an electric car yet. The Sun says it will be the limited-edition Rapide E, a two-motor battery-electric powerhouse due out at the end of the year. Compared to the DB10 used in Spectre, this EV will have more horsepower (602 to 430 HP) and almost double the torque (700 to 361 ft.-lb.). And apparently it’s “going to have all the high-tech gadgets,” too.

Shooting is expected to start in April, so be on the lookout for, ahem, spy shots.

Main image courtesy of Aston Martin

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