Forward This to a Lady You Like

One Roman Holiday for two, right this way

Forward This to a Lady You Like

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Buying a lady a gift is not rocket science.

To wit: Tell her to block out a week next spring. Buy two tickets to Italy. Put a bow on them.

Also: Equip her with a pair of sexy Italian heels so she can (literally) do as the Romans do.

That’s the foolproof ethos behind Roman Holiday, a combination travel dossier/gifting guide we made in partnership with of-the-moment shoemakers M.Gemi. Herein: your marching orders in three of The Boot’s boot-knocking-est destinations, from bedrooms hung with frescoes to a members-only jazz and dinner club.

And in keeping with the whole “When in Rome” thing, we recruited a real, live, shoe-wearing lady (Shari Gab, our NY bureau correspondent) to give you some recs on the pair of M.Gemi kicks your lady should be packing for each.

She’s gonna tell you about some sexy shoes. Inspired by a romantic Italian getaway. From a company she’ll be impressed you’ve heard of. This is a no-brainer, even if a trip to il bel paese isn’t in the cards just yet.

But because the average chap knows as much about his lady’s taste in footwear as he does the whereabouts of his TV remote, we’ve also got the chic gift box that solves all.

Before we turn things over to Ms. Gab and her admittedly sterling advice on the care and feeding of women’s footwear, let’s talk about the gift that’s about to earn you more imaginary good-boyfriend points than you can shake an abacus at: the M.Gemi gift card. This ain’t your average “I didn’t know what to get you, so…” First off, it’s attractive. The card arrives enclosed in a shoe box filled with Turinese candies and a few other “surprises.” Second, it’s a really, really, mindlessly easy way to ensure you get her a gift she’ll like. Because she’ll never have enough shoes. And M.Gemi — the women’s shoe upstart that’s garnered favorable comparisons to Warby Parker and Harry’s — releases a new pair of shoes every week. 

You step off the plane. Rent a scooter. Head for the Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon. The women: intimidatingly beautiful. The men: a portrait of good taste. Walk the paths of Giardino Degli Aranci. Eat gelato for breakfast. Buy a suit and wake up still wearing it. People fall in love with Rome; people fall in love in Rome. Here’s how to make both happen.

“Whether she needs comfy-chic flats for strolling the exhibits, eye-popping heels for a night on the town, or modish boots for keeping up with the Italian Joneses on Via Condotti, you will be the brilliant chap who’s got her covered.” –Shari Gab, NY Editor

Stroll the canals and grab a digestivo. Stop to take a picture of every other building you pass. Lose track of time. Venice lends itself to weaving hand-in-hand through its maze of colors, causeways and cultural landmarks. Leave the map in your room and get lost a little. It’s the best way to find what the city has to offer.

“She may want strollin’ flats to match the technicolor hues of the canal houses. Or perhaps a splashy open-toed number for dinner and dancing. Or a razor sharp bootie for her entrance to/exit from Venice’s most stylish auberge. Gift her the answer to all three.” – Shari Gab, NY Editor

Florence is a city for unplugging. The local pace is a languid one, the food the kind that makes life worth living. Pick up a bottle of wine and climb up the Piazzale Michelangelo. The views will melt her. Wake up late. Drink espresso at a sidewalk café. Play cards. You’ll see the best art in the world and leave with leather goods that’ll last you a lifetime.

“She may be the type of gal who prefers a sturdy boot for rambling among the great works, a fire-engine red stiletto for stopping traffic at dinner or a barely-there strappy heel for kicking back on the roof with stunning views of Florence in every direction. Only one way to find out — let her choose.” – Shari Gab, NY Editor

Product photos courtesy of M. Gemi