Tesla Announces a New Series of Price Cuts

The prices of the Model X, Y and S have dropped

Tesla Model Y
Tesla lowered the price on its Model Y, among others.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced price cuts for its Model Y. Coupled with the U.S. government’s electric vehicle tax rebate, the aforementioned price drop took the Model Y into enticingly affordable territory. Now, the automaker has announced more price cuts — ones which are less deep than the previous Model Y cuts, but also affect a broader range of models.

These new price cuts affect the Model Y, Model X and Model S, and represent a $2,000 price cut for each. It comes in the wake of a troubling week for the automaker, which saw Tesla miss revenue targets and announce that roughly 10% of its workforce would lose their jobs.

Reuters reported the latest series of price cuts, along with one other change in the works for Tesla: the company’s referral program is coming to an end. “Our current referral program benefits will end after April 30 in all markets,” the automaker posted on social media.

In a response to a post about Tesla’s prices, CEO Elon Musk discussed the company’s pricing strategy. “Other cars change prices constantly and often by wide margins via dealer markups and manufacturer/dealer incentives. Only a fool thinks the ‘MSRP’ is the real price,” Musk wrote. “Tesla prices must change frequently in order to match production with demand.”

It wasn’t the only post he’s made recently about a Tesla change. When someone asked about getting the X app integrated with Tesla’s systems, Musk replied, “Coming soon.” So if you’ve ever wanted to keep up with Musk’s verbal fusillades against the Brazilian governmnent while parked in your Tesla, that may be on the way.

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