This Whiskey Glass Will Make You a Connoisseur in No Time

Nose, mouthfeel and legs, oh my

May 10, 2017 9:00 am

There are moments in a man’s life when the act of drinking whiskey becomes less of a knock-down-drag-out pursuit. Because it may not be everyday he drinks something rare, but when he finds himself at the lip of a sought-after bottle, conventional wisdom can only hope he knows how to imbibe properly.

It’s all a matter of taste, after all. And if you’re looking to train your palate to the finer charms of the loose juice, you’ll need A) a bottle of quality whiskey and B) a Neat Ultimate Spirit Glass.

Make no mistake: there’s science in this glassware. Award-winning science.

As impressive at it looks in your hand, the Neat Glass was designed specifically for expert tasting experiences. You’ll notice first the large bowl opening — the theory is such a design reduces the amount of ethanol alcohol that reaches your nose, allowing you to smell more subtle characteristics of the drink better.

And smell is important — well, it’s the most important. An expert once told me tasting whiskey is naturally confirming what your olfactory senses have already told you. As Neat notes, “flavor is 90% aroma.”

Now that you’ve got the glass, you’ll wanna know how to pick up the finer notes. Below, a step-by-step guide to tasting whiskey like a seasoned pro.

  1. Pour whiskey in glass. Two ounces is just right.
  2. Eye the whiskey. Give it a swirl — there will be tell-tale signs. Inspect the “legs,” or how the liquid pulls back down into the glass. This will show you not only how clean the glassware is, but how light or viscous (heavier-bodied) the whiskey is. Already, you’re preparing your senses.
  3. Swirl some more. This allows the ethanol alcohol to “evaporate”. Then nose (gently sniff) the rim of the glass at least three times. Once to get past the alcohol smell. A second time to pick up subtleties. A third time because it’s fun.
  4. Contemplate.
  5. Swallow and inhale slightly to catch any finishing aromas. Hold it on the tongue and let it settle. I find that chewing a few times help me target flavor notes. Chewing also lends to a sensational mouthfeel.
  6. Repeat.


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