With These Custom Maps, You’ll Never Forget a Vacation

Ultimate travel souvenir?

May 16, 2017 9:00 am

(UPDATE 2/20/19: YourOwnMaps is now known as Craft & Oak)

The most memorable destinations tend to be a little off the beaten path.

As in, you’ll need a map to get there.

Doesn’t hurt if said map is also a great way to remember those places once you’re gone.

That’s where YourOwnMaps comes in. Just launched, the service transforms any part of the world — literally, anywhere — into a beautiful piece of custom art (they also make great Father’s Day/graduation gifts, hint hint).

Their motto: “Bring your adventures from anywhere, everywhere.”

maps (3 images)

Made in San Francisco, YOM offers up custom map prints of anywhere in the world. Like a particular street in New York? A certain arrondissement in Paris? Um, all of Moldova?

That’s fine. You can pick and zoom into any area you want — the company sources its map data from OpenStreetMaps, then uses a proprietary map editor to pinpoint the area you want.

Then, you get to work: add custom captions that commemorate your time (“Where we met”), choose your color (deep cerulean blue, vermillion red, black and white, etc.), the map’s orientation (portrait or landscape) and its dimensions.

The final result is printed on semi-glossy matte paper that’s sturdier than poster print.

Takes about a minute to design. But the memories’ll last a lifetime.

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