This Company Will Send You a Couch in the Mail

Pops out of the box. No tools or heavy lifting required.

August 16, 2016 9:00 am

The only thing worse than buying a couch is moving a couch.

Good news: somebody’s made both these ordeals ridiculously easy.

All it takes is a single button push and about ten minutes of your time — no tools necessary. No heavy lifting.

This magical “somebody” is a company called Burrow, and they’re going to transform your living room. (And they’ll do it for about half the price, too.)

Burrow dubs its product a “spill-proof, pet-friendly and Netflix-binge-ready” sofa.

At launch, it’s a modular two- or three-seater with a pine frame, MDF inserts, cotton/polyester fabrics that repel spills and stains, and multiple high-density layers of foam for the cushions.

“I herniated two discs rowing in college so I needed to build something that would be comfortable and supportive for hours on end,” Burrow co-founder/co-CEO Stephen Kuhl has said.

The couch arrives in about three or four compact boxes, depending on the number of seats you select. A 3-seater sofa is 86” long, 34” high, and 32” deep with a sitting space of about 75”.

Best of all, you won’t need tools to assemble Burrow (or disassemble it). It takes about ten minutes to put together. And you can add or subtract seats from the frame as needed, so the sofa can “grow” with your needs.

Besides convenience, Burrow wins on the small details, like hidden USB ports/power plugs and removable, stain-resistant fabrics (available in the colors “crushed gravel,” “charcoal” or “Bondi sand”).

Burrow sofas ship for free and with a 100-day grace period. You can reserve a couch now for $95 for shipment in October. The fee is refundable if you change your mind, or subtracted from the final cost of $850.

Which is a pretty damn good price for a couch. The idea, Kuhl explained, was to make a sofa on par with West Elm and Crate & Barrel in terms of quality/design “but for a fraction of the price.”

And according to the founders, an ottoman will be available later this fall, with rugs, throw pillows, and living room furniture coming soon.

All of which you can order from the comfort of your new sofa.

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