Hanging Tent House, Party of One

Ready for the best night's rest you've ever had camping?

April 20, 2017 9:00 am

Hammock shelters are a relatively old idea when it comes to camping in the United States. They are essentially hammocks with integrated bug nets that come with some sort of rainfly system.

And backcountry enthusiasts swear by them. The suspended system is lightweight and can be set up wherever there are trees, not to mention sleeping on a hammock is a world’s away more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

These reasons are probably why we’ve been seeing all kinds of new hammock tents crack the market in recent years, one of the newest being Therm-A-Rest’s Slacker Hammock House.

Weighing in at just a little over three pounds, the Slack Hammock House is a boon for minimalist campers. The bug net has three options for setup and can be stowed to one side of the hammock, and the whole system can be hoisted with or without the rainfly.

So what you get is an elevated piece of cozy living for one-person occupancy. Add in the new Slacker Hammock Pad and it isn’t a bad option for relaxing in the backyard, either. Get a better look at the system below, and head on over to Therm-A-Rest for more info. 

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