The Toilet Paper Shortage Isn't a Thing Anymore, But Bidets Are Still Awesome

Money-saving, environmentally-friendly and way better at washing your ass.

The Toilet Paper Shortage Isn't a Thing Anymore, But Bidets Are Still Awesome

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Toilet paper shortages were like sooo early pandemic. Thankfully we no longer have to deal with the inane hoarders or feel the need to panic buy every roll of toilet paper we see. What we still have to deal with, however, are stores conveniently leaving off the price tag of essentials like toilet paper, and internet price gougers. There is one way you can avoid the toilet paper mania forever and that is to invest in a bidet.

Americans are super behind in the ass-washing department. Almost everyone from the French to the Japanese regularly use bidets because they’re more effective in cleaning, better for the environment and will save you considerable cash in the long term.

And if you’re ready to make the switch, you can easily do so now at Huckberry, where you can shop two variations of bidets from “modern” bidet brand TUSHY. The TUSHY Classic and the TUSHY Spa are both super easy to install and even easier to use thanks to the adjustable nozzle that can take you from a “gentle butt spritz” to a “power wash.” But if you don’t mind spending a little extra for an even more luxurious experience every time you go, the TUSHY Spa features an additional warm water connection with variable temperature control for your bougie ass.

TUSHY Classic


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