It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Card. Here’s Your Competition.

What's in your wallet?

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

“Here’s my card. It turns into a sponge when you put it in water.”

Still waiting for that magical Lionel Hutz card (RIP Phil Hartman). In the meantime, let’s appreciate the novelty and creativity of the 21st century business card. A few of our favorites, below.

The Perforated Divorce Lawyer
James A.W. Mahon’s seemingly simple card tears in half, like the broken relationships he navigates … while keeping all the pertinent info intact on each side. Here’s the Canadian design firm that whipped this up.

Say It With Meat
For a deli/restaurant La Charcuterie, the agency (Rethink) die-cut double-sided cards in circles to resemble cold cuts, then strung them in a netting used to hang cured deli meats. The letterhead and envelopes were printed on butcher paper.

Paper Bags
Via the biz card company Jukebox, these cards double as a usable paper bag (with additional printing on the inside as well).

Carbon Fiber
These will be tough to forget: RC Fibers makes a series of carbon fiber wallets and phone cases, but they’ll also do custom CF cards.

Old-School Vinyl 
Created for the Croatina Phonographic Association (that’s a thing), designer Ivan Dilberovic laser cut old vinyl records. Oh, and they’re playable.

Game of Thrones
Daenerys takes a while to intro herself, what with her nineteen million titles (“Mother of Dragons, The First of Her Name, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea…”). A little bland on style, but one person solved her problem nicely.

A City Map
Never get lost: The Spanish production company Studioclam made 3D-printed plastic cards featuring a raised map of Barcelona.

This One is Lit
Burnt edges on your card. Smokin’.

Musical Comb 
For a rock’n’roll hair salon in Italy. The card plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by a fingernail.

Candy Wrapper 
A Dutch chocolate chain offered a little chocolate-y bribe with their cards. The company also changed their flavors occasionally, meaning you’d be craving more than one.

LEGO Figures
Execs for the Lego brand have personalized Lego figurines with their contact info. Here’s a place to make your own.

Sponge Card
Hey, someone did it! Certainly a better idea to hijack than Hutz’s “money down” card.

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