Taschen’s Blowout Sale Is One for the (Coffee Table) Books

175 gorgeous tomes. Up to 75% off. Here are 10 you'll love.

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

What’s on your coffee table right now: month-old magazines, remote controls, wilted flowers and water ring marks.

What should be on your coffee table right now: at least a few of the 175 books Taschen currently has for sale at up to 75% off through Sunday.

We have long been proponents of the coffee table book, not simply for your own reading pleasure, but for the pleasure of your company. While you’re brewing coffee or mixing cocktails, a carefully selected set of tomes will help them get to know you better. Of course, Taschen’s books are more than the sum of their lustrous pages: they also turn every live edge wood table in a handsomer, more interesting space. Hell, even if you’re still at the IKEA stage, they’re sure to take the focus off your slightly askew assembly.

The sale includes 175 titles, with some titles already sold out. To expedite your curation, we’ve dogeared 10 of our favorites (including something NSFW from Helmut Newton).

Taschen Sharks (2 images)

If you’re a shark enthusiast, but can’t drop $1,500 on this XXL collector’s edition, buy: 
Michael Muller: Sharks, Face-to-Face with the Ocean’s Endangered Predator

Taschen Helmut (2 images)

If your in-laws aren’t visiting anytime soon, buy: 
Helmut Newton’s SUMO 

Taschen Hunter S Thompson (2 images)

If you’re not worried about scaring guests away, buy:
The Curse of Lono by Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman

Taschen Cuba (2 images)

If you booked a flight to Cuba then realized you don’t know anything about Cuba, buy:
Castro’s Cuba: An American Journalist’s Inside Look at Cuba, 1959–1969

Taschen Infographics (2 images)

If you’re a sucker for good graphic design, buy: 
Information Graphics

Taschen Cabins (2 images)

If an off-the-grid life sounds pretty prime right now, buy: 

Taschen Peter Beard (2 images)

If you’re having a hard time convincing friends of our impact on the environment, buy: 
The End of the Game (50th Anniversary Edition) by Peter Beard

Taschen Getaways (2 images)

If you want to get away, buy: 
100 Getaways Around the World

Taschen Wood Buildings (2 images)

If you want people to know you respect wood, buy: 
100 Contemporary Wood Buildings

Taschen Brothers Grimm (2 images)

If you’re a parent and need some new bedtime stories, buy: 
The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

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